Update: Our Conditions + Travel Plans

The Big V used to mean something else. Well, I guess it can still mean that. But anyway, I’ll avoid commenting on the topic especially as we are already drowning in the related media. Sure, it’s important to stay informed, but I’m no authority on it.

Fayaway’s intended route from Culebra to Great Inagua, Bahamas.

I’ll try to make this post interesting to folks who don’t know us, but primarily it is to update our loved ones of our plans, or uncertainty of plans. Other readers who find themselves in a similar situation may find our plans useful. (purposely not using the word predicament).

As I write this post, we remain anchored in Ensenada Honda, Culebra, as we have been for a week. It’s quite pleasant. We’re about 0.1 mile from the nearest boat. I’m guessing there are about 100 or so cruising (aka live-aboard) boats in this bay. Aside from crossing paths at the fuel or grocery store dock, we stay to ourselves. Our view is mostly of thick mangroves to our East, which is also from where a stiff breeze now blows. The blue Caribbean Sea is to our South, and the remainder of Culebra is to our West and North. The town of Dewey, where we have been getting supplies is to our NW, about 1.5 miles away. We are in a comfortable place.

Our fuel tanks are 95% full, with another 20 gallons in jerrycans, enough for about 100 hours of steady motoring, or approximately 500 NM (nautical miles) without wind. To put this fuel in perspective, it is about 500 NM from Culebra to Great Inagua (southern most point) Bahamas.

We are well stocked with food (30+ days), have unlimited water and solar power to give us lights, radios, computers, phones, etc. At present consumption our propane (only for cooking) should last at least that long. We have access to get more food and fuel if needed – if we stay here.

Our latest plans (until last week) were to reach the Bahamas by now. The Big V has caused us some pause, perhaps needless to say. So, what now? At present, our plans are a bit up in the air. Other volatile factors are:

  • Countries are closing their borders. At least talking about it. If we leave here, will they let us in? To resupply? What craziness will our confused executive branch issue next?
  • Countries are issuing curfews. We have one here, and so we’re not supposed to land anywhere except for necessities. Again, what will be in store for our arrival elsewhere?
  • Hurricane season doesn’t start until June, but weather fronts seem to be more prevalent now, compared to years past, making windows shorter and more uncertain. Seems that almost every week we have a new 25-35kt front, so timing is important.
  • We worry about our loved ones back stateside. We have elderly parents, grown children and many friends. Seems in this situation we should make the most of the time we have with them. Not to sound morbid, but who knows?

Our talk now revolves around making the run to Great Inagua, where we would enter Bahamian waters and sit a while longer, being at least 500 miles closer to what still seems like home. We are discussing these plans via FB messenger and email with other cruisers juggling the same decision points. We are talking about the next window being in three days. Every day there is new information so we bounce it around, and either make new plans or reaffirm old ones.

It all comes down to: Do we stay or do we go? We can stay here safely until hurricane season (late May). Will things be different then? Or should we risk trouble by beginning our trek north, back to family and friends?

Should I stay or should I go now? (Yo me enfrio o lo soplo)
Should I stay or should I go now? (Yo me enfrio o lo soplo)
If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)
And if I stay it will be double (Si me quedo, es doble)
So you gotta let me know (Pero que tienes que decir)
Should I cool it or should I blow? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
Should I stay or should I go now? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)
If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)
And if I stay it will be double (Si me quedo, es doble)
So you gotta let me know (Pero que tienes que decir)
Should I stay or should I go

The Clash

Our journey so far has involved leaps of adventure. Our present situation is just another version of adventure. We still work on boat projects, read, practice DuoLingo, watch movies, talk on the phone, and write blog posts. (Last night we saw The Adjustment Bureau, with Matt Damon, as we go through the “A’s”.) We still have a sundowner each evening at happy hour (while rum holds out).

Kelly about to hook a mooring ball, during recent outing to a beautiful beach on deserted Cayo de Louis Peña.

For now, please understand we are happy, safe and healthy. We have all we need, except closeness to family and friends during this tumultuous time. We are merely inconvenienced in our travel plans, but seriously concerned about others not in such a good situation. We’ll let you know our travel plans as they evolve. In the meantime, most loved ones know to call us anytime.

Stay Tuned

Need to be resourceful!

6 thoughts on “Update: Our Conditions + Travel Plans

  1. Thanks so much for the update. Don’t worry too much. Everyone seems to be doing well and in a weird way, this is also an adventure into dangerous waters, and somehow good things can also come from the necessity of slowing down etc etc. Stay safe and well. We love you ❤️

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  2. INVIA (captain)

    Not an easy decision to be made. We had been thinking back and forth. “What should we do?”

    We decided to stay in the Virgins. Currently the British with the idea to cross over to the US Virgins if we don’t get an extension of our 4 week permit (what seems likely as others reported that on FB). And if the USVI still let us in.

    We won’t head up to Chesapeake Bay this year. As we are holding a European passport we are scared we might get troubles.
    We will be going South for the Hurricane season.
    In case the ABC are letting us in (currently a strict “No”) we likely will head to Bonaire.
    But in these days it’s impossible to make serious plans.
    Stay healthy and safe!


    1. Ah I understand your plan. Late yesterday I found out about a flotilla of boats planning to leave USVI to Chesapeake, starting in April. Part of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association. Plans are just starting, but if you’re interested, I’m sure others in group have also European passports, and so will get help from this group. I can inquire for you if interested (send separate WhatsApp). Due to CV issue, cost is FREE. In all cases, we truly wish you the best in your continued travels!

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