Plans Are Written In Sand

At low tide, so they say. Especially for us cruisers. And tides occur twice per day! Certainly you’ve seen our waterlogged plans juggling a few times evidenced in this blog, but fortunately not as often as the tides change. Unfortunately, the news we read about lately is a bit more volatile, changing at least as rapidly as the sun and moon sloshing our blue world’s water from one side to the other. And the changes read in the media seem to be working contrary to following our preferred plans. So be it.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Elbert Hubbard

So, here’s our update for today. We’ve decided that we have more options and a plentiful supply of lemons (limes, in our case, but that’s for something else), if we stay put for a while. And therefore we are going nowhere. Sometime later in April or early May (dateline TBD) we will head north on a more direct offshore beeline for New England. We may also join a SaltyDawg flotilla which are now being discussed by their leadership. A group gives us some of that buffalo herd benefit. (Not the version from Cliff Claven of Cheers).

So, we are de facto residents of Culebra, Puerto Rico, where folks go for vacations. We eat jalapeño CheezeIts, swim laps around Fayaway, watch pelicans clumsily dive for dinner, play Sublime on the stereo, play lots of cribbage and wear minimal clothes. We have plenty of time to make the most delicious lemonade out of these tropical lemons!

Please be safe and healthy so we can share our lemonade with you!

2 thoughts on “Plans Are Written In Sand

  1. nhcarmichael

    At least you won’t get scurvy while you wait out COVID-19! I’d say you planned your escape much better than anyone else I know. Given the sudden volatility of the market you’re in a very good place having already downsized and positioning yourselves for the long term. Just don’t get sunburned as you swim those laps.

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