Where is SV Fayaway?

Click THIS LINK to see live page with our current location. This is updated at least once per day via satellite while on the move.

Update December ‘22

We arrived in Antigua from Bermuda, after voyaging down the US East coast this past autumn, and departure offshore from Hampton, Virginia. Where to next? All we can say at this point of retracing our 2019 voyage is someplace different!

Update August ‘22

As I write, we are sipping rum at the Isles of Shoals. You may call it Maine or New Hampshire, on which side of the lobster-isle you’re on! Then it’s on to Newburyport tomorrow.

Update May 2022:

Back in the water, sporting much new stuff for making life aboard more comfortable and safe. Sitting at a borrowed mooring, Rockport, Maine. Planning for a summer exploring points north.

Update November 2021: Fayaway is on the hard in Rockland, Maine, USA, continuing a significant re-fit in preparation for upcoming voyages. We expect to launch with new amenities in May ‘22. In the meantime, Kelly and I are renting a “summer” home in Dover, NH., working, commuting (and delivering boats) during off-time.

We hope you enjoyed following our journey so far. Thanks for reading. Please stay subscribed and we’ll update when appropriate.

Fayaway’s path: 6,300 nautical miles from July 2019 through September 2020.