About Us

Thanks for sending us this pic – during a visit with friends in Beaufort, SC, May 2020.

Chris: I grew up near the water in northeast Massachusetts, messing around boats, fishing with my father in a rowboat but didn’t sail much until college. After joining with friends, learning some basic nomenclature and developing skills, I worked up to becoming instructor-certified, then honing and mastering prior-rudimentary skills, and eventually teaching hundreds of people of all ages how to capture the wind.

Sailing small sloops, and helping beginners through advanced, every day for three summers in a row really improved my skill and confidence – hopefully enough to keep us afloat!

Kelly: While also growing up near the Massachusetts seaside, and being comfortable on boats, I began my sailing career upon meeting Chris (four boats ago). My lust for fun and adventure has pushed us both toward full-time cruising and world travel.

Sailing has grown from “something to do” to becoming a real passion, and now we can’t get enough. As of July ’19, we live full-time on our boat, traveling around by water, sometimes delivering other boats.

2014 cruising in Belize

We enjoy hearing from friends, family and anyone interested in who we are and what we do. One of the first things we do after dropping anchor, before going ashore, is introducing ourselves to fellow sailors anchored nearby. Please send us a note by making comments and/or using the Contacts page.