The Crew

Kelly was raised nearby on the Massachusetts seaside, and being comfortable on boats, began her serious sailing career upon meeting Chris (four boats ago).

Chris grew up near the ocean in northeast Massachusetts, messing around boats, often out fishing and rowing about with Dad. In college he was drawn to the local community boating program, honing dinghy racing skills, and then teaching hundreds of people how to capture the wind as a college summer job. Soon thereafter came ownership of a series of sailboats, in various sizes and states of neediness.

Thanks for sending us this pic – during a visit with friends in Beaufort, SC, May 2020.

Sailing has grown from “something to do” to becoming a real passion for us; and now we can’t get enough. As of July ’19, we live full-time on our boat, traveling around by water, sometimes delivering other boats.

2014 cruising in Belize

We enjoy hearing from friends, family and anyone interested in who we are and what we do. One of the first things we do after dropping anchor, before going ashore, is paddling over to introduce ourselves to fellow sailors anchored nearby. Please send us a note by making comments and/or using the Contacts page.