Bermuda Saves Us Again – Part 2 of 3 Delivering Love A’Fayre

Just two short years ago, as Fayaway began dashing eastward across the Atlantic Gulf Stream, a weather pattern called a large low-pressure trough was high above the plain states and making its own way toward the east coast of the United States. We were about 300 miles offshore, en route to the tropical island of Antigua (An Tee Gah), as the weather pattern’s frontal edge of cold air collided with the warm and moist tropical air arising from the Gulf Stream waters charging north.

Messages arriving via satellite warned us to either move more quickly eastward to outrun the increasingly convective storm pattern, or be clobbered by 45+ knot winds arriving from the northwest. We quickly realized that we could not outrun this storm. Fortunately, an island known for several centuries to assist storm-stricken sailors was just 120 nautical miles to our northeast. We arrived in the bay of St George, Bermuda in the nick of time before the dangerous winds did, and so were able to find safety from the encroaching storm. For two weeks we enjoyed Bermuda’s hospitality, and waited for the weather to improve, as the storms just kept coming. Read about it here…

Deja vous is the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. And so this term is fitting to describe our recent arrival (two years later) under similar circumstances, except for being on another boat, Love A’Fayre. Here’s how it happened this time.

Beautiful sunrise as seen 300 miles from nearest land.

Upon arrival a few days ago, we had been quarantined and tested again for Covid-19, and with not-so-surprising negative results, issued clearance to go ashore. We do enjoy the amenities this island offers, but we’re only here under duress, as we’re trying to fulfill an obligation to deliver Love A’Fayre to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where a charter company awaits our arrival.

Taking a stroll through St, George’s after receiving negative COVID-19 test results.

But Neptune and Poseidon have had other plans for us. And we’re staying until they quit quarreling. Our days so far have involved grocery shopping (nice to have fresh veggies again), a walk to the hardware store, and lunches at the local eateries. We gobble up time playing cribbage and drink dark & stormies, as we listen to the wind howling and watch the coral-colored harbor froth rolling across the bay. We are mesmerized by watching a large cargo ship nearby unloading aggregate onto itty bitty dump trucks going who-knows-where. Fascinating.

Our friend and rafting buddy Ken aboard A Ten at Captain Smokes Marina. Note the large “dirt” ship just beyond.

One of our crew members has young children, who fortunately are able to FaceTime with daddy frequently. He’s a good dad, and looks forward to completing his piece of our delivery obligation and returning home. We all agree to being here as being par for the course, and love the experience we share together aboard.

A pod of dolphins greets Kelly.

So we hope to get moving again soon, as it appears we’ll get a break in the seemingly relentless southwest winds in a couple days. Watch our progress here on the tracker updated once per day while underway.

Thanks for reading! Tortola here we come!

Pink sunset from Captain Smokes Marina, St. George’s, Bermuda.

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