Delivering Love A’Fayre – Part 1 of 3

While Fayaway is undergoing refitting this winter (see About…), Kelly and I are assisting in yet another delivery of a sailing vessel (Love A’Fayre), from Rhode Island to Tortola, BVI. She’s a very nice Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 catamaran. Our course will depend upon weather indicators before and throughout the passage. The preferred course (see graphic below) would put us initially toward Bermuda, but with possible alterations based on Gulf Stream currents.

Possible routes of SV Love A’Fayre November 2021. Use the tracking page to see which way we actually go!

Weather Planning

In planning the trip, we consider several sources of weather and Gulf Stream data. We frequently check these sources before departure, and then once offshore, we download via satellite with our IridiumGo!

We must be careful to avoid strong Gulf Stream eddies (e.g. counter current) as well as potential strong wind opposing the current by plotting waypoints toward optimal courses. While underway we can also pay attention to water temperature and speed. This combined with GPS telemetry helps to verify details downloaded earlier. For example as we approach warmer Gulf Stream water, our predetermined GPS coordinates should match when we see a rise in water temperature.

We expect the trip to take between 9 and 16 days, again mainly depending on weather. (Yes, this is a wide range!) Possible delays could involve avoiding adverse weather and running down the US East coast, or by holding-up in Bermuda, where in either case we’d re-fuel. Love A’Fayre carries about 170 gallons of diesel fuel, enough for about 600 miles of motoring, should this much be needed. Suffice to say that while we do enjoy these passages mostly by sailing, our goal is to get there quickly and not dwaddle about waiting for wind. Our passages typically involve a combination of sailing and motoring, because it’s about the destination more than the journey!

After departure, on or about November 1st, you can find our real-time tracking details HERE. (Please click the link). I’m not sure how long this link will be active upon our delivery completion. We do need to get back to a real job you know!

The Boat

Click this link for a description of Love A’Fayre at the Conch Charters website.

While sales brochures typically represent boats in fantasy portrayal, an actual ocean voyage doesn’t typically allow for semi-nude, untethered lounging about the foredeck.

I hope you enjoy following our trip by using the tracking link above. Subscribe and look for future posts about this trip. (Please don’t be concerned if the updates aren’t showing progress. Computers you know! We have two other emergency communication devices and dedicated assistance should any trouble occur. )

Health and Environment

Kelly and I love taking these trips, and know well that we’re very fortunate to be able to continue traveling and meeting others from faraway places. We take many safety precautions prior to and during offshore passages, not only for our own health but also to protect those we may meet and be welcomed by. To our readers: please get vaccinated so we may all continue to live healthy and be free to travel and enjoy each other’s company without fear of contagion. It’s a wonderful world out there – get out and explore.

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