Places we’ve never been

As we start this adventure it is worth noting why we are heading out, it’s not to get away from anything or anyone. Quite the contrary. We already miss our friends and family. They are life’s most precious assets.

Running down Buzzards Bay

We are going purely for the adventure of “discovering” new places and meeting people. Add to the excitement of approaching a new destination by wind and water. Consider that distances between destinations are measured by weeks and not hours (or minutes, as my prior office life required). Life slows down and becomes richer (so we are already starting to realize).

Of course, we are still human and must bow to the almighty dollar (boat buck, as we call it). We are still paying too many “boat bucks” for mediocre work that took WAY too long. We are concerned about our kids being healthy, and simply when might we find the next grocery store, and how will we get there? (so yes, we do have some stress).

Kelly finds time for a nap

But somehow, even though we just started, in terms of the true travel, it already seems worth it. We simply can’t wait for what the next day brings us. No boredom here, folks. Our deciding factors for what to do next are simple: weather, and how we feel that morning. Right now we sit on a mooring waiting for tomorrow. The wind is predicted to drop to tolerable speed, and we are feeling like moving on to a more southerly destination. (Yes, worrying about being cold!) Combine this effort to get warmer with a sprinkle of unknown, and it’s a magical recipe.

Consider the excitement of falling in love. The discovery. The learning about each other. How can this feeling be adequately described?! So, picture sailing by the wind into a new cove. You’ve read the location guides. You’ve checked and double checked the maps. The boat is handling well. You are excited about seeing what’s around the next buoy. (Always a chance the charts could be inaccurate). Yes, there’s risk too. Just like driving to work, but a LOT more enjoyable, and adventurous!

Socked in by heavy wind, but the sun still sets!

Almost always there’s a sunset, and for us early risers, usually a sunrise too! Almost every day this occurs because we’re always on oceanfront property :-).

Unrelated note: If curious, see a link on our main menu to a map showing where we are now. You’ll also find our recent Instagram posts at the bottom of the main home page (realfayaway). If you like reading our posts, please subscribe and “like” us!

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