A Real Passage

Our first real passage on Fayaway was completed yesterday. While certainly not our first overnight trip, we made a typical 54 hour slog, where the was forecast not entirely accurate. Fayaway got us here safely, very salty, and best of all (difficult to believe with the pounding we took), nothing broke!

We left on a beautiful sunny Thursday morning after two briskly windy evenings at Cuttyhunk Harbor. With 35kt winds we hunkered for two days there, watching for our window. KoryKory (our dinghy) was not launched, so we stayed in, drank tea, played games and watched a movie to our vessel’s gentle rocking.

Second eve at Cuttyhunk. Sunny but very windy!

Forecasted weather now looked decent for the next few days. Wind was to be WNW, then clocking slowly to WSW, as hurricane Humberto swiftly moved out of our path to our SE (unfortunately hitting Bermuda)

Wind and waves higher and direction varied from forecast

It did, and so off we went, sailing most of the time, but using our motor more and more as the heavy wind speed and direction decided against us. No prob – we had plenty of fuel. Marine life switched from sunfish and whales (Massachusetts Bay) to dolphins, as we headed south and offshore. Considered a good omen, we welcomed the energetic visitors that darted around Fayaway during our second day out.

Look! We have visitors!

Eventually, we cruised into Cape May and dropped the hook just outside the Coast Guard Training Center. After a much needed long night of sleep, and most of the transients around had weighed anchor, we had front row seats watching the enlisted training for sea-boarding. We wish they would train on Fayaway too, as the conditions were nice, and it would be great to make friends with these guys now as we may see them later. Who knows!?

CG cadets training in our anchorage.

So now we’re off to find a place to dock KoryKory! Tomorrow we sail on to our next destination.

Beating into 35 knots

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5 thoughts on “A Real Passage

  1. nhcarmichael

    Was wondering about that wind direction after tracking your location. Good test for your sea legs and a literal shakedown cruise for Fayaway


    1. Fayaway performed admirably, despite the thorough beating. Fun to see her bow rise completely out of the water so high and then dive right into the next 12ft wave. Her high freeboard kept water out. Pretorien’s reputation is proven once again! Recharging the iridium unit at that time wasn’t top priority 🙂 Hopefully nobody worried!

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