Definitely Not Plan

We left our home base at our comfy mooring in Newburyport after an extended stay. We spent the time well after delays caused by the Marina. Topping it off we got an outrageous bill (only after pestering them several times that we wanted to settle up). I’ll keep the mood positive so won’t mention the bill again here.

Kelly drops mooring at sunrise

With a strong southerly wind and swell, combined with stronger desire to make tracks, we actually headed NE again, while we waited for wind to turn SW. And it did.

Out of here!

A twelve-hour, sunny stint of due-south motor-sailing on Sunday seemed like the real start to our oddysey. Of course some would say it was not ideal if we need to motor at all (meaning sailed most of the way). But we’re completely satisfied with this segment after seeing abundance of wildlife and arriving at safe anchor, protected from swell and wind.

One asks, “Do they ever get tangled in lobster trap lines?”

So now over coffee at sunrise we are deciding where to stop next… Seriously, we like to do it this way. We never plan definitely, but always have options. E.g. Onset? Cromset? Meganset? Or push on to Hadley Harbor?

Sunrise at anchor. Can you tell where our neighbor is from?

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