Ramble On

Hey folks! Sorry I’ve not sent an update for a couple months. Kelly and I have been traveling (by air and land) quite a bit this late spring and summer, both for family and for job. We’ve been as far east as Venice, Italy and Munich, Germany, and as far west as Anchorage, Alaska. Whew! Unfortunately, we just had to cancel a southerly trip to Georgia and attend a friend’s wedding because we hit the lottery… eh, caught covid. However, we’re fortunate because it has affected us merely with a lingering cough and cold symptoms. And hopefully lingering not too much longer!

Kelly and our boys looking out across Cook Inlet from Beluga Point, Alaska.

But what about Fayaway and our pursuits in that respect? We’ll, as I sit here shirtless at 7am in the cockpit on an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning in Rockland Harbor, my thoughts are teetering between how much we enjoy being here in Maine, and oppositely about beginning our series of southerly passages. Dare I say that it looks like we’re leaving in a couple days for a late August overnight dash between persistent southerlies. Departure time has presented itself.

Installing new sails and stack-pack

We’ll miss this harbor of roughly 90% sailboats and 10% lobster trawlers. Life is refreshing when the disturbance is giggling children racing Opti’s between moored boats. Else it’s the squawking ospreys, when every afternoon as they seem to coalesce upon the mast tops of adjacent unused sloops, ketches and schooners. A returning lobster boat kicks up a mild wake, jostling the birds as their respective perch is rotated back and forth. “Will she be able to hang on this time!?” Large talons evidently allow enhanced perching power, and not for only plucking dinner out of the water. Of course, the local suppliers of electronic wind instruments receive plenty of replacement parts business too!

Hoping to catch some breeze in our favor, the forecast calls for mostly-motoring a nearly straight slog SSW for the better part of 24 hours, to when we’ll enter the mouth of the Merrimack, to our staging area of Newburyport. Amongst the relative bustle, we’ll reside for a couple weeks to swing on our very own mooring, visiting with friends and family, before pushing further south in mid September.

Exact dates are never allowed and only dictated by the weather. While wind is king, our diesel engine is the reigning queen. As clearly stated, we don’t need to prove our sailing abilities, but do appreciate having the option to move along as desired.

A common saying prevails: plans are drawn in the sand at low tide. But we plan in broader strokes more than 12 hours. We plan in terms of weeks and months, dialing into more detail as our moon and jet stream focus clearly what happens tomorrow. Essentially our plan is this: head south along the coast and Chesapeake Bay to Virginia until November 1st. Then try for a favorite windward island – Antigua. Bermuda along the way? Maybe. February should find us in Panama. And then we’ll see.

Enjoy your day, and hug your kids.

Post script: Title is in reference to a song by Led Zeppelin, about continuing traveling despite difficulties to find one’s way and a lifelong partner. I already have my girl with which to travel the world.

Mushrooms along trail in Anchorage, AK.

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