Two Steps Forward; One Step Back?

4/1/20 – Make early decision to settle on dry land for another year, get job, buy car, One step backwards. Our newest plan, but we’re still not 100% on board. Covid-19. Need I say more?

6/10/20 – (Father’s Day) Arrived back in Newburyport, after departing Culebra on Mother’s Day. Another memorable journey.

8/1/20 – Early decision to sell Fayaway, to save money, to look for larger boat. Why not make some lemonade with these delicious lemons?

8/22/20 – Met with yacht broker; sign listing agreement. Hoping we don’t soon kick ourselves for making this – a most difficult decision, to sell our faithful companion. “Who” for almost four years, was our full-time living companion. She took us safely and comfortably over stretches of ocean reaching thousands of miles. Bittersweet indeed.

8/30/20 – One day. That’s the amount of time elapsed after the listing went public on Yacht world. A first offer was received (and rejected). 25% below asking price. Can’t blame him for trying to buy a dream boat with all his savings.

9/2/20 – Second offer received (and accepted). It was actually the third offer, as his initial offer was rejected by our broker before telling us. We instructed her to only accept something closer to our asking price.

9/8/20 – “Moved “ into our new rental “home”. A quiet little cottage on the Piscataqua River. Fully furnished… sort of.

Our land home… at least until late May.

9/10/20 – Picked up our “cold weather” car. A red Subaru hatchback.

9/15/20 – After yet another pleasant voyage, we delivered Fayaway to Yankee Marina in Yarmouth, Maine to await buyer’s inspection survey. Not certain how things would eventually work out, we had made earlier arrangements for haul out and winter storage at Yankee Marina. There we were treated with full respect – completely unlike at that other place in Newburyport (begins with letter “M”). I highly recommend Yankee, as they were recommended to us.

The next couple weeks Kelly and I spent moving out our possessions accumulated during 18 months of life aboard. Several carloads were made to and from Maine. Believe it or not, we have trouble finding places to put it all! Amongst the clothes and assorted electronic and other sailing gear to remain in our possession, we have months of canned and dried food, bottled beverages, and gallons of emergency bottled water.

10/2/20 Fayaway passes her day-long thorough inspection. Kelly is proud to hear praises of the clean bilge. I enjoy being captain during during the sea trial, as it’s likely to be the last time. We are both proud to offer any additional information and assistance to the buyer.

Returning from sea trial.

As October now passes we are dug deeper into our respective money-making gigs, hoping to stash more dollars for our next round of cruising. It’s also time full-search mode, as we surf and search YachtWorld multiple times per day, for that ideal floating home – one to take us further away. As said before… we’re not done yet!

Our next home?

Yesterday was opening day for early voting. We voted twice! No, not twice for the state and federal elections; we did that once, and then again for the officers of our friendly boating club – American Yacht Club.

Get out and VOTE!

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