We’re Up A Creek!

A recurring theme on our passages here in the Chesapeake is what’s the next creek we’ll visit. I’ve started drafting a couple blog posts about creeks that we’ve visited so far, and we often discuss our next possible anchorage, and so this recurring term caused pause. My kindly sarcastic mind often bends and stretches a word or term out of intended context, so it would be natural to also apply the sometimes more common, we’re going up $hits Creek. And of course for further emphasis without a paddle!

We’re anchored up Mill Creek today. See the little blue triangle?

Of course we don’t have a paddle – we have sails! And I need to ask, why are the rivers all called creeks around here? And where did the more colorful term come from anyway? Did it originate here in the South? (If we can call this the South – or just more South.) Urban Dictionary says (paraphrased) it’s Scottish slang for “struggling hopelessly but bravely in a very unfortunate situation”. Ok, well we’re pretty sure this doesn’t apply to our present condition (except maybe our current presidential administration. But there I go again, much out of context :-). So more about the creeks that we’re actually up in upcoming posts… Enjoy your day!

See additional postings on Facebook “SV Fayaway” and pics on Instagram “realfayaway” which can also be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the home page. Thanks again for reading!

3 thoughts on “We’re Up A Creek!

  1. Steve Merrill

    Hi Chris…you made me laugh with this last writing. Keep it up. What a life you and your wife are having. FYI I’m going over to LAARS next Friday to visit and go out for lunch with the crew. Happy sailing!


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