Es Tiempo Por Amor!

Lin and Larry Pardey are well-known legends in the sailing and cruising world. Larry especially earned a reputation for maintaining stubborn simplicity, exemplified by his refusal to install an engine. Having built two wooden live-aboard boats, written countless magazine articles and published several books and videos, they supplemented their income further by giving talks as they sailed around the globe (both directions). A notable moment occurred while exploring South America in 2001, when Larry earned further infamy for an honest response to a Argentinian radio host’s question: “What do you do when there’s no wind, when you’re totally becalmed?”

New York Times photo: Lin and Larry Pardey

No problemo; Es tiempo por amor.

Larry Pardey

No problem; It’s time for loving.

I suppose Larry’s blunt answer in rusty Spanish could come as a surprise to a land-lubber’s innocent inquiry. But to the sensuous, romantic Argentinians, they became instant celebrities. As author Herb McCormick says, “After all, who doesn’t love a lover?”

Even though we do have an engine, Kelly and I would perhaps blush a bit if asked this question. Being offshore bounded only by the endless horizon offers countless ways to pass the time.

Take a break from the woes of our often unfair world and read about two entrepreneurs who took chances, grabbed life by the main sheet, and steered a course they chose. But it wasn’t all without a few rough patches. Find the opening anecdote above in Herb McCormick’s biography about this amazing couple:

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