What Are You Waiting For?!

There are worse places to be than Bermuda in late November. Much to explore, warm (shorts) weather and people. We didn’t intend to be here, but it really is quite nice. Upon arrival we knew we’d be here for several days, and so started to make the best of a good situation.

Sailor Kelly with local historian who soon will start the ducking-stool punishment.

Between riding out frontal weather patterns, and bouncing against the quay, we mix island exploration with practical boat-specific projects. On our list for Antigua was installation of our new HydroVane self-steering system, which we finished yesterday, celebrating completion by having lunch at the local pub.

HydroVane steers with wind-power! No more worries about our autopilot suddenly taking a break!

We deal with core living by seeking out groceries and laundry. We share drinks and dinners with new friends. We make new friends everyday, by visiting local shops and nearby yachts, or simply when working in the cockpit. Since we are docked outside town hall, tourists stop by frequently, upon seeing our US flag, ask the usual questions… “Did you sail all the way here?” You have to smile at the naïveté:)

We spent a day of island exploration with Carolyn and Gino of SV Andiamo, a gorgeous Brewer 44 anchored nearby Fayaway.

More about our weather outlook and continuing to Antigua. A series of cold fronts have hit us every 2-3 days. The wind itself isn’t a problem, but the continuing wind against us is. Take a look at the pic below…

Above we look a couple days into the future. Note that as the strong northerlies (arrows point downwind) of the latest cold front pass to our north, the wind fills in from the south – against us! (On the nose, as we prefer to say). We are in touch with a professional weather forecaster, and his outlook isn’t rosy at this point. Our choices at this point are 1) catch a couple days of broad/beam reaching (wind in our favor) then motor into the wind for 2-3 more days (not wha a sailboat does well, but in the right direction); or 2) be patient and keep waiting for a better opportunity.

We avoid planning to motor, as we can only do this for a definite and limited period of time. We prefer to motor when we have no choice at all.

So, here we are, enjoying what this beautiful island has to offer, yet wanting to be elsewhere. Enjoy what you have folks, as the grass is always greener on the other side of the ocean.

Sir George Somers, founder of St George in 1609, when his ship Sea Venture was wrecked on a nearby reef.

Read more about Sea Venture and the Founding of St George here

Video of ducking-stool punishment (Fayaway in background).

5 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?!

  1. The PredictWind map fails to show any headwinds at the moment. Lets see if the professional weather forecaster is correct for advising on head winds two days from now.

    Did you repair the HydroVane self-steering system, or is this a new installation upgrading form what you had?


  2. Jonathan Maddock

    Did you opt for a better parking space? looks like you crossed the runways again and ended up in Long Bay.

    Your weather guru got it right. Big headwinds right now, eh?



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