Already Missing Annapolis

We left Annapolis at 0500 after eleven days, now bound for Hampton, VA. While anchored in Weem’s Creek, we met friendly neighbors the first day on Five &Dime, and had convenient access to a little “beach” area where all the cruisers pulled up their dinghies. There were trash barrels, a park bench, and several telephone pole pilings just at the high tide mark, which is about two feet from the end of the street. The trash is emptied by city workers every day. The close abutting homeowners look after us to offer help when a stubborn outboard refuses to start. Nobody would ever be concerned about security. Boaters are the lifeblood here. It is almost surreal. Like riders into town we’d tie our horse bridles to the post, and mosey our way into the nearest saloon.

Where we park our “family car” KoryKory. Along Weems Creek.

Almost every day we ventured out, beginning with the dinghy ride, sometimes into a brisk wind. Sometimes wet, when we’d bring special dry bags. Sometimes our shoes would get wet too. But it didn’t seem to be a nuisance. We’d go to buy groceries, or stop for bagels, or the pub, or just to walk around this very cool city.

Living on aboard often means minimal exercise so the mile and half walk into town was welcome. Along the way we passed the Naval Academy stadium (Go Navy, beat Air Force!!), crossed a couple of creeks, and enjoyed a wide variety of food. And drink. We had to have our traditional Painkillers at Pusser’s or the trip to Annapolis would be in vain. And vanity serves no one!

Annapolis Boat Show – Crazy place!

As usual we attended the super duper boat show, but we never stepped foot on another boat. We are very happy with ours 🙂 so why invite transgressions! We bought gifts for Fayaway to make us all feel good. We (almost literally) bumped into YouTube star Brian Trautman ( on our walk back, shook his hand vigorously while star-struck stumbling out beer-laced babbling of how much we enjoy his videos. What a cool guy – very inspiring. He very patiently listened and graciously accepted our appreciation – not really believing he deserved it. (He is the ultimate sailboat MacGyver). We signed up for his Sunday lecture and because we were so late for the sold out event, our seats were stuck way in a back corner. Brian and his co-star brother came over to us during an intermission and asked if we’d like to move up to empty seats near the front! Very cool dudes indeed. If you like to hear about what inspires us, please check out their Youtube videos.

Inspiration to set sail.

One thing we have found, the kindness of strangers and friends is abundant. The shop owner in Georgetown and the woman in Rock Hall who offered us rides back to our boat with our groceries. And Mary and Jim (dear friends of Kelly’s brother Rick and his wife Kim) who had us over for laundry, long showers and a crab cake dinner. It really reminds us that the vast majority of people are kind and giving.

Mary, Jim, Kim, Rick and Fayaway Crew!

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