Shakedown Has Begun

With or without water, we decided to get started. At this time we’re without. Lack of it is not stopping us. Fayaway has new equipment that needs water to operate, but plenty more that doesn’t.

Fayaway has a spankin’ new bottom!

While we await our new stem-head fitting, we got started with some equipment testing anyway. Our batteries were installed this past Friday so now we could try some things out. Let’s start with a few electrical items:

  • Foremost we needed musical accompaniment to make the process go smoothly. New stereo system – check! Our new bluetooth stereo with hidden ($8 on Amazon) FM antenna brings in more stations than my Jetta radio.
  • Next is the re-wired Statement Of Charge (SOC) monitor. SOC simply monitors the batteries. Its wiring was altered during the re-power last year and didn’t read correctly. Now it does! It’s nice to see the battery voltages and amps moving in the correct direction on the graphical display. We have 600Ah of capacity.
  • To test our new Xantrex sine wave inverter we connected to shore-power and checked it’s charging and set for AGM battery type. Then switched to inverter mode and switched on some 110v outlets. Check!
  • Replaced all 32 incandescent (power-robbing) interior lamps with LED. These are very bright, and use a small fraction of power. Bow and stern navigation lights were also changed, while keeping the original fixtures.
  • New windlass was switched on and responds properly to directional foot switches. (Will be nice when the stem-head fitting allows chain install)
New LED bulbs use micro of power and seem brighter

Now it was time for me to check out a different system. Bottom painting is done and so now we have no fear of messing up the paint with water running down the hull. All the drainage and supply water piping, as well as original factory faucets, were replaced back in May. All was assembled with PEX type fittings and hose clamps, so there are many potential leak paths.

It took a sawzall to get the old fixture out

We filled the water tanks, flushed out remaining antifreeze and pressurized the entire system. Aside from a couple small drips under the galley sink (loose hose clamps) everything seems to be working. Check!

Needing to wait are the holding tank, refrigerator and water maker, which require seawater. These along with all the new seacocks will require careful inspection upon splashdown. Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Shakedown Has Begun

  1. Your blog is outstanding, especially since I’m planning on making the same trip (roughly) next Fall from AYC to BVI.

    I’m interested in your battery choices. I believe you have AGM. Where did you buy them and are you happy with them?

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    1. Thanks for your comments Ward. Glad you’re enjoying. We have 4x 6V 250 Ah Full River AGM batteries, giving us 500Ah at 12V. We have two x 200watt solar panels that pretty much provide enough power without needing to run the engine when at anchor. (At least when the fridge is working correctly!)


      1. Make sure you get an estimate in writing as we were essentially screwed on our bottom job. Our fault for giving them a blank check. They should be ashamed for charging us 6.5 weeks of labor! We were there most of the time and saw the work. Yes, that is six point five WEEKS at full rate.
        We won’t go back again.


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