Cookies were a topic of conversation with one our sons recently. He had recently been baking his favorites, as a fun and delicious quarantine activity. An activity I’d do often with the kids when they were younger, I’m glad that pastime has stuck. Our talk reminded us of our dessert experience here in the Caribbean. Realizing we are taking a short break from telling more about our recent voyage back to the USA, aboard Fayaway we enjoy certain treats along the way, and need to eat them before the tropical heat and moisture gets to them. Our favorites are are dark chocolate (specifically, Lindt chili chocolate) and baked crispy cookies. Briefly here we describe favorites among cookie-favorites we’ve discovered here in the islands. We look forward to treating ourselves at the end of a day of passagemaking – or sitting at anchor.

Wibisco Shirley cookies are incredibly delicious. Why?

They come in ginger, chocolate and coconut. Very crispy (but not too crumbly), the ginger (my favorite) hosts a refreshing sharp ginger bite. Unlike ginger snaps, the amply sweet crystalized ginger provides for a hotter – spicier Caribbean taste. We’ll be missing Shirley Ginger Biscuits!

Next up are another delicacy we found only at Milka’s of Culebra. Made in Spain, we’ve grown to really enjoy Patrick cookies, so we actually need to carefully budget our digging into their 500g cylinders. We found delicious coconut, vanilla, chocolate or lemon cream flavors. Lemon cream are my favorite, offering a tart/sweet combination with the bite of lemony goodness offsetting the large creamy-vanilla crunchy cookie. All three flavors use the same huge crunchy vanilla outer cookie, but simply vary the filling. Just the right amount of filling, as it perfectly offsets the crunchy vanilla cookie with an optimal amount of soft sweetness (…except when Kelly is around 😉

Cookie supply in Fayaway’s bilge – will they last?

Send us a comment about your favorite treats. Go buy, share and enjoy some of your favorite cookies! Then go sailing!

The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails.

Joshua Slocum

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