About SV Fayaway

We searched north and south, visiting more than twenty boats in four months, well into the New England winter, to find the perfect boat for us. And here she is…

1996 Pacific Seacraft 40

One of the first built at the original west coast facility (hull #4). We know very little about her early history, having purchased her through the second owner. Planning a trip east into the Caribbean, the original owner had her shipped from Fullerton, California to Miami. Shipping was paid by the factory in exchange for her unveiling at the 1996 Miami International Boat show.

Kelly likes the larger deeper sinks.

Fast forward a couple decades… Only one short week after returning from a summer cruise around the Maine coast, our original Fayaway was quickly under agreement for sale, and we found ourselves highly motivated to find a new place to live. We found her “out back” having been “left out to pasture” at a boat yard, with her recently removed, deeply tarnished and discarded shrink wrap strewn nearby. She was in the process of being cleaned and spruced up after having been sitting high and dry for more than 15 lonely years! Oh boy!

Borrowed from bluewaterboats.org

Eventually after a few “masked” months of extensive searching, wheeling and dealing, we closed the final deal. We have never been more certain that the PS 40 is our “right” boat. And so now our work begins again, to outfit this spartan gem-in-the-rough for comfortable long distance live-aboard cruising! Please join us for this new chapter!

Rather than me rehashing what you can easily Google to find on the internet, click this link for: a good write up of the Pacific Seacraft 40, still in production in North Carolina.

About the designer, William Crealock.

First picture after signing the acceptance documents. She’s re-wrapped again until Spring arrives.