About Prior SV Fayaway

Update: Kelly and I sold Fayaway to a new owner in October 2020, and use the Covid-19-induced travel break to make a major sailboat upgrade. We are hopeful that the world will welcome us again when ready to set out.

According to Herman Melville’s Tommo (Typee), Fayaway is a “beauteous nymph”. Our SV, S/V, S/Y, SY, or just plain Fayaway, is a 35.2 ft (10.8 m) Wauquiez Pretorien sloop built at at the Wauquiez shipyard in Morlaix France in 1984. 212 vessels were built, beginning in 1979, with minor changes from year to year until production ended about ten years later.

Old stock photo borrowed from the internet!

You can read a nice write-up (by John Kretchmer) of her design at Sailing Magazine, and/or by googling “Wauquiez Pretorien”. A similar site on blue-water boats.

Fayaway at anchor in the BVI’s -February 2020.

To paraphrase some of the magazine review, we like Fayaway’s design due to her combination of ruggedness, nimbleness and sea-kindliness (She doesn’t pound into waves) upwind due to her tapered front-half. Fayaway can point upwind like a racer, and can turn on a dime because of the huge rudder. She has ample 6.4″ headroom below, but a sleek, low coachroof. Lots of teak and veneer finish the interior, but very little above (which we like for lack of associated maintenance). When were focusing on boats (to purchase) in the 37 to 42 ft range, but couldn’t find the aforementioned combination, so we veered toward something a bit smaller (helped cruising kitty). We learned from this experience and so now we’re shopping again.

Two solar panels provide all necessary electrical power

As mentioned in our posts, our Fayaway had been recently restored to a reasonably close factory-original (prior to our purchase). Cosmetically, she was in great shape! However, most of her mechanical and electrical systems were original and dated. While basically functional, they were somewhat out of date and not up to our needs. We’ve made many updates, additions and upgrades to meet those needs. Various posts (some not yet published) review these projects. We didn’t skimp on these because we knew she would be our home for a while. Since purchase in 2017 we have replaced, updated or added just about every major system such as engine/drive/fuel system, anchoring, electrical, fuel, batteries and electronics, cruising sails, refrigeration, water maker, canvas, rigging and so on. It’s been a boatload of fun so far! All this work is focused to provide safety, reliability and comfort. We strive to balance needs vs wants, and to get us as far as possible. A nymph we’re not so sure about – but we do appreciate her beautiful looks!

Fayaway, fully-equipped on quay at St George’s, Bermuda – November 2019.